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Head Mounted Smart Camera

mōziware HMC100  combines voice control, high resolution camera, and smart Android Apps to deliver hands-free safety and collaboration solutions to help managers and front-line workers  to work more safely and efficiently. Lightweight design to allow comfortable all-day wear and easy to carry. Laser guided camera system accurately capture on-site image and video. Built in MoziConnect technology allow user to operate HMC100 seamlessly with smart phones, watch and tablets wirelessly. When installed with digital collaboration software, the device can provide remote technical support to frontline workers for tasks like on-site service, engineering supervision, project management, remote inspection, and safety and quality audit. It is designed and built for tough industrial environments.

Lightweight and durable

Weighs 95g, comfortable to wear all day; IP66 rating, 2 meter drop

HD camera, laser pointer

16 MP camera; Electronic image stabilization; Auto focus; Class2 laser pointer

Noise cancellation

Microphone array for voice recognition in noisy environments

Smart control

Multi-language voice control; Wired or wireless control from smart phone, watch , PC or tablets

Smart Sensing

Fall detection; Facial recognition; Heart rate sensing and location sensing*

*Requires software

Industry-leading security

Fingerprint recognition technology for user authentication