mōzıware Connect

mōzıware Connect™ is designed to enhance your cımō device experience, allow users to change device settings, review the contents on a larger screen, install new applications, and operate cımō device wirelessly with PC, smart phone and smart watch.

Using moziware cımō with your smart devices seamlessly


USB connection to PC and smart phone


Direct wireless connection to PC, smart phone and smart watch


Easily navigate moziware devices with PC, phone and smart watch

Drag and drop

Easily drag and drop APK files to install the application with PC

Screen capture

Screenshot function, Capture the device screen view with one click

Developer tools

Grab the Logcat log file, Open the ADB command line

Scroll and zoom

Easily scroll and zoom contents of wearable devices on smart phone and smart watch

Supports multiple systems

Moziware Connect supports Windows PC, smart phone (Android), and smart watch (Android) systems