Empowering digital transformation in the automotive aftermarket

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moziware cimo is a head-worn computer that’s making a lasting change in a whole host of industries – from manufacturing to energy, from petrochemicals to sea freight.

It’s a pocket-sized digital solution that blends into what mōzıware’s CEO, Dr. Bo Li, has dubbed “the Industrial Metaverse” – that ecosystem of hardware and software that’s driving digital transformation.

One industry where it’s driving change is the automotive aftermarket. It’s being used to speed up problem-solving on the repair shop floor – and to keep customers informed with a transparent service model.

But before we zoom in on this specific market, let’s take a look at cımō – what it is and what it can do.

What is mōzıware cımō?

moziware cimo is a pocket-sized, hands-free, head-worn computer that’s fitted with high-resolution cameras and easy-to-use voice controls.

It harnesses the latest innovations in AR technologies to connect frontline staff with remote experts or customers – and it does this wherever you are in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Unlike some headsets on the market, cımō is built for industry. It’s super-light, weighing just 155 grams. That’s less than a loaf of bread.

It’s lightweight for a reason. As a general rule, workers shouldn’t be encumbered by their tools. cımō gets out of the way so your frontline staff can stay on target with powerful tools at their disposal.

But while it’s lightweight, it’s not at all flimsy. A new entry into the Industrial Metaverse needs to be ruggedized for the factory floor – and cımō is no exception.

All in all, cımō is a powerful, compact, and durable tool that helps to streamline workflows, improve knowledge-sharing, connect your teams, and boost overall productivity.

For all these reasons, cımō is helping the automotive aftermarket to rapidly transform – and unlock cost savings in the process.

How does cımō fit into the automotive industry?

The global market for electric vehicles is booming. Sales are at an all-time high – and according to BloombergNEF’s seventh annual Electric Vehicle Outlook, it’s growing “at double digits every year”.

EV sales went up by over 60% in 2022. Compare that to non-electric vehicle sales – at a growth rate of two percent, they’re pretty much flatlining.

There are several reasons why EV sales are skyrocketing. Batteries are becoming better – and cheaper. Sustainability targets and carbon curbs are pushing companies towards electric solutions. And the market is dynamic, with new products arriving all the time.

This all means that the EV aftermarket is growing too. And in China – the largest market for EVs in the world – automotive brands are embracing the “4S model”.

This is a full-service model where the dealership doesn’t just sell vehicles – it also offers service, spare parts, and surveys (customer feedback).

The 4S ethos is about making the customer experience as positive as possible. In an age when customers are better informed than ever, a good customer experience is vital if you want to keep them on your books.

But there’s a problem. The technology enabling EV cars to run is complicated – and new. In the UK, warnings have been sounded about a potential shortage of EV technicians – a situation that’s familiar across the globe.

Even the finest technician will occasionally hit a problem that needs external help. In this situation, what’s the best course of action?

Traditionally, a dealership would address this problem by getting an expert to pay a visit. That’s fine – but it means that your customer is waiting. And in a fragmented market, they may take their custom elsewhere.

cımō addresses this problem by connecting the onsite technician with the right backend expert. And it connects them immediately and seamlessly via high-quality video or audio link.

The expert can then look “through the lens” of the technician’s cımō and offer informed, helpful guidance to ensure that the repair is swiftly completed.

This is a game-changer for 4S dealerships. It speeds up the repair process, closes skills gaps, and increases the likelihood of the customer coming back for more.

And all of this is made possible by a device that fits in your pocket.

There’s another advantage, too – sustainability. Deploying cımō in a 4S dealership means you’re no longer paying for experts to come onsite – a move that’s good for the planet and good for your brand.

Keeping the customer satisfied

cımō can also improve customer relations by providing a more transparent maintenance service.

The ability to track services is a key feature of the smartphone age. Whether it’s checking that a parcel will be delivered on time or sharing the location of a taxi with a friend, customers are more in control than ever.

cımō transfers this to 4S dealerships by connecting technicians with customers.

Let’s say you’ve taken your EV in for repair. You can now check in on the repair job by looking through the technician’s cımō.

This helps customers to feel in control, no longer at the mercy of the service provider. Transparency leads to trustworthiness – and trustworthiness translates into repeat custom.

Allowing customers to remotely track repair jobs has another advantage. At a time when face-to-face interactions are being scaled back, it reintroduces the personal touch to the world of customer service.

cımō is built for comfort as well as innovation. Like a standard pair of glasses, a user will soon forget they’re wearing it.

It’s this combination of usability and cutting-edge tech that makes cımō a powerful tool for connecting technicians and customers, boosting customer satisfaction, ensuring ROI, and driving profits.

Where next?

cımō’s lightweight, durable hardware device, flexible AR digital collaboration solution can connect teams and customers in a wide range of industries – and it’s already making a big difference in the EV aftermarket.

Its handy design and high-powered tech can slash downtime, empower frontline staff and keep the customer satisfied. It’s rapidly becoming part of the industrial metaverse – are you going to join us there?

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