moziware cimo and AMA XpertEye On & Live: an instant AR solution for industry

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AMA XpertEye On & Live solution is now available on moziware cimo. Find out how this partnership can boost remote collaboration in many industries.

Our two companies share a vision for remote collaboration that’s accessible at the click of a button – with the goal of boosting productivity on the frontline without any sacrifice of safety or sustainability.

cimo is a device that combines a record-breaking weight of just 55 grams with a host of powerful features.

With a single push of the power button, XpertEye allows frontline workers to connect to remote experts via assisted reality (AR) video link.

This means that geography presents no barrier to collaboration. Wherever your teams are in the world, they can stay connected, productive, and able to collaborate and problem-solve with unprecedented ease.

We spoke to Esther Duval, Director of Marketing and Communications at AMA, who summarised the partnership like this:

“The global strategic partnership aims to reshape the way remote collaboration is conducted by combining AMA’s cutting-edge assisted reality solution with moziware’s advanced wearable technology. The collaboration further aims to enhance the safety, efficiency, and productivity of frontline workers worldwide.”

About the partnership

moziware has created a pocket-sized pair of “magic glasses” called cimo, which brings AR capabilities to industrial settings.

cimo provides HD-quality video, industry-leading noise cancellation, and white balance settings that allow you to capture high-quality photos and videos.

Suppose you’re a frontline worker in a factory. Things aren’t going quite to plan – your work day has been complicated by a malfunctioning piece of equipment.

With cimo, you can join a video call with a remote expert in seconds – and they can guide you to a solution via its real-time “see-what-I-see” function.

It’s not just convenient – it’s also money-saving. You can reach a solution without having to pick up the phone to arrange a visit from a technician.

And at a time when sustainability is important to so many enterprises, this is good for your carbon footprint as well as for your budget.

Despite its market-leading weight – a staggeringly light 155 grams – cimo is tough, dustproof, and water-resistant. It’s also comfortable – an essential attribute in industrial settings where your staff need to work without distractions.

cimo and XpertEye make the perfect pairing of hardware and software. AMA’s remote assistance solution works perfectly with the device to provide hands-free, voice-activated remote collaboration.

It’s now easier than ever to embed AR-enhanced remote collaboration into your daily workflows – as easy as pressing the power button. It takes a single click to go live.

Whatever sector you work in, the pairing of cimo and XpertEye makes for a comprehensive solution that, as Duval says, “simplifies remote collaboration with just one click on the cimo smart glasses.

“Frontline workers in manufacturing, audit, telco, healthcare, and other industries can collaborate remotely, efficiently complete complex tasks, and resolve issues with increased intelligence, speed, and safety.”

Use cases for XpertEye and cimo

It would be quicker to say which industries aren’t served by this partnership.

Whether you’re working in manufacturing, energy, transportation, logistics, retail, pharmaceuticals, or healthcare, a cimo equipped with XpertEye On & Live provides a consistent, streamlined, productivity-boosting service.

And it can be used in a wide variety of use cases – from aftermarket services to training. From equipment maintenance to safety controls. From virtual FAT to telemedicine.

In Finland, multinational gas supplier Air Liquide has fitted out its team with the solution to support the daily round and guide staff speedily but safely.

Production Manager Sami Rajala points to its benefits for Air Liquide: “less CO2 emissions, less time on the road, and potentially less accidents.”

And these benefits are by no means specific to Air Liquide. They can be leveraged in almost any industrial setting where you need ruggedized hardware and versatile software. 

Why choose XpertEye for cimo?

If you’re looking for AR software to install on cimo, XpertEye is ideal.

Flexibility is at its heart. It can be connected to multiple external video sources, blend seamlessly with a wide spread of third-party products, and be deployed within SaaS, private cloud, and on-premise environments.

As Duval says, it hooks up with cimo “without the need for extensive configurations” – which is great news for your IT technicians.

It has a security posture to match cimo’s own. This covers industry-standard ISO certification, proactive information security measures, intrusion testing, and regular audits. Everything is encrypted – so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your data.

Finally, AMA provides plenty of assistance and onboarding. It’s not a case of deploying the software and being left with nothing but the manual – you can avail yourself of world-class project management, training, tech support, and maintenance.

AMA, moziware and the XR ecosystem

This collaboration is part of a bigger picture – the ever-expanding XR ecosystem that’s leveraging AR, AI, and IoT technologies to transform the way we do business.

In the age of hybrid working, you need to be sure that productivity won’t suffer. Remote collaboration tools keep productivity at the top of the list of priorities.

Now, with AMA XpertEye’s flexible AR software with our portable, ruggedized, versatile hardware, it’s easier than ever to keep staff safe, productive, and connected.

The last word goes to Duval:

“moziware was chosen as a partner for its expertise in wearable technology, aligning perfectly with AMA’s vision.

“By leveraging our expertise and moziware’s innovative features and advancements, we aim to create a powerful ecosystem that enhances remote collaboration experiences.”

It’s a match made in heaven – and one that sits at the very forefront of the XR ecosystem.


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