How moziware cimo accelerates equipment maintenance

mōziware AR wearable

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The world of industry is in a dynamic state of flux. The large-scale migration of data and apps to the cloud has been accompanied by developments in extended reality (XR) – a group of technologies that includes virtual reality, augmented reality, and assisted reality.

Here at moziware, we’ve developed our own AR device – cimo. This powerful, ultra-compact headset harnesses assisted reality and HD cameras to enable intuitive, hands-free collaboration.

It is (though we say so ourselves) both beautiful and functional. At 155 grams, it weighs about half as much as a hard hat – so frontline staff in industrial settings can stay safe and focused.

No more holding a smartphone in one hand and a critical piece of machinery in the other. cimo blends seamlessly into your workflows. It’s so compact that when it’s not in use, you forget it’s there.

But although it’s so light, it’s ruggedized for these environments. With an IP66 dust and water resistance rating, and drop-testing from 1.5 meters, it’s built for nimbleness, safety, and durability.

As we’ve explored elsewhere, it can be used in a wide range of industries for aR-enhanced data capture and remote collaboration. These industries include manufacturing, power and energy, petrochemicals, rail transport, aerospace, and aviation.

It also provides a range of flexible solutions for common challenges relating to equipment maintenance and service.

If you’re struggling to stay on top of maintenance standards or find yourself stung by missing parts and unplanned downtime, cimo could be the pocket-sized panacea your enterprise needs.

Six common problems – and how cimo can solve them

You don’t need us to tell you the importance of regular, efficient maintenance – how it’s a strong protection against project delays and overspending.

But it’s not always easy – especially in a dynamic working environment where there’s so much to be done. Oversights can happen. But deploying cimo on your frontline helps to prevent them as far as possible.

Let’s take a look at six of the most common issues with equipment maintenance and service – and how cimo can help.

1. Keeping in line with industrial standards

Whether it’s legislation or internal policy, you need to act in line with regulations. Unfortunately, this can sometimes take a back seat in busy periods.

cimo tackles this problem by making information more accessible than ever. Any doubt about regulations can be resolved with a quick video call with a remote expert.

These calls can be made at the click of a button or with a simple voice command. Whether they’re spontaneous or scheduled, they make standardization part of your daily workflows – with a minimum of disruption.

2. Missing inventory

Like standardization checks, inventory can suffer at times when your calendar is full to bursting.

Let’s say a piece of equipment breaks down. Your employee goes into the store cupboard and finds the spare part missing.

This isn’t just annoying – it means that the equipment is out of action. The resulting downtime costs you money – and can alienate customers and partners.

As with regulatory checks, you can stop this from happening by integrating remote inventory inspections into your workflows.

3. Unplanned downtime

Equipment breaking leads to downtime, which in turn can cause missed deadlines, overspending, and disappointed business partners.

To solve this, cimo can be integrated with a whole host of third-party apps and services – including videoconferencing solutions that provide “see-what-I-see” functionality.

Let’s say production has ground to a halt because of equipment failure. How do you respond?

In the days before XR, you would have no choice but to fly in a technician to solve the problem. That would mean travel costs, carbon emissions – and, most of all, time.

With XR, your frontline worker can dial into a video call with a remote expert – anywhere in the world. The expert then looks through the staff member’s cimo and is able to respond to the issue in real time.

What’s more, cimo’s laser pointer feature seriously reduces the chance of mixed messages. It’s hard to explain what a problem looks like over the phone – but with the laser pointer, you can identify it with accuracy and speed.

And like all of cimo’s features, it’s easy to access and easy to use.

All of this helps you to avoid downtime – and in the process, enhance your sustainability. Because for every problem you solve remotely, your carbon footprint is going down.

4. Patchy or forgettable training

Training is an age-old conundrum for many enterprises. It’s essential for your staff’s productivity and safety – but how you can provide it in a way that’s both memorable and affordable?

cimo’s aR functionality means you can provide training that’s more active than ever. Staff can learn through doing – a far cry from worksheets and smart boards.

For instance, a remote trainer can lead staff through regular maintenance procedures with clear guidelines.

As well as enabling continuous professional development, it allows you to leverage remote expertise anywhere in the world. Geography is no barrier to talent. The pool of available expertise is now worldwide.

This will lead to your team being more informed and more efficient – reducing downtime and protecting your budget.

5. Budgetary overspend

All of these issues can be split into two main types – safety and finance.

Inadequate maintenance costs money. moziware cimo saves it. It creates unprecedented opportunities for remote collaboration that speed up problem-solving and drastically reduce downtime.

With cimo, you can redirect the money you free up into branding, marketing, research and development – whatever it takes to help your business grow.

6. Staying safe on the frontline

cimo improves efficiency – but efficiency is nothing without safety.

That’s part of the reason why cimo is so lightweight. Just as a construction worker will forget that she’s wearing a hard hat, so your frontline staff will never be distracted by their device. 

It’s built for environments where you need your hands free and your attention focused.

And if a safety issue does arise, cimo can be used to make a quick video call to a remote expert or assistant – so users stay safe, focused, and connected.

cimo as part of the XR ecosystem

In the age of XR, interoperability is key.

cimo takes its place in a smorgasbord of XR solutions. It integrates seamlessly with many apps and services – so you can use its processing power, compact design, HD cameras, and assisted reality functionality to introduce cutting-edge software to your teams. 

Are you looking for a smart equipment maintenance solution? With its focus on interoperability, cimo will help you hit the ground running.


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