moziware x Brochesia: Transforming remote collaboration with AR

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At moziware, we’ve built cimo to enhance remote collaboration and communication in a variety of industrial settings. That’s why we’ve partnered with Italian augmented reality (AR) software firm Brochesia.

XR is a field that thrives on collaboration. Unlike cellular phone technology – to take one example – XR isn’t about individual players competing against one another. It’s a team sport – an ecosystem of providers and developers creating a huge range of software and hardware.

moziware and Brochesia share a common goal: to facilitate the digital transformation of industrial settings through XR-enhanced remote collaboration.

Digital transformation is about transforming the way we do work. In our age of hybrid working, we need technology that enables people in different parts of the world to connect on a daily basis – and without disruption to our workflows.

The moziware cimo is a pocket-sized wearable computer. Brochesia is an AR software suite. Together, they enable frontline staff to make calls, start audio and video streaming sessions, share a POV with collaborators, take photos and videos, access documents, use advanced AR – and more.

The pocket-sized power of cimo

moziware cimo is a wearable computer that’s record-breakingly light – a mere 55 grams.

It’s tough too. cimo is built for industrial use – it’s dust- and water-resistant and has been drop-tested for rugged work environments.

Whatever industry you work in, your frontline staff can wear the cimo on the job while keeping their hands completely free. cimo is operated by intuitive voice commands and has a user-friendly interface.

cimo is designed to connect scattered teams through audio and video link – and also to enable advanced data acquisition.

All of this is made possible by its state-of-the-art design. It boasts two high-resolution HDR cameras, four digital microphones, active noise cancellation, fingerprint recognition, and – uniquely – a laser pointer.

cimo is designed so that you soon forget you’re wearing it. Like a watch or other accessory, it’s light enough not to distract you as you go about your day.

And now it’s integrated with Brochesia’s AR solution to take remote collaboration to the next level.

Who is Brochesia's software built for?

Brochesia is an Italian firm – but XR knows no geographical boundaries.

In the words of Brochesia‘s Marketing Specialist Riccardo: “We currently have customers all around the world and in many different sectors – from manufacturing to healthcare, from the automotive industry to education, and many more.”

Its software suite is versatile and can be used to solve a range of problems – but Brochesia identifies remote technical assistance and internal and external audits as the main use cases.

That means that a factory worker faced with a broken-down machine can instantly hook up with a remote expert. The expert can see through the worker’s cimo and talk them through the repair.

This has two transformative benefits: it speeds up the repair process and cuts travel costs for technicians.

How does Brochesia's solution compare to similar products?

The market is teeming with AR solutions. What gives Brochesia the edge?

Brochesia points to its “feature-rich design”, “easy-to-use interface” and “smooth user experience”. It has “maximum scalability and the possibility of customizing the solutions” – tailoring its features to a company’s specific needs.

It’s also ideal for work environments that have poor network coverage. In partnership with cimo, Brochesia can be used pretty much anywhere.

What's the significance of the collaboration?

Brochesia says the collaboration with moziware gives it the opportunity “to further develop its digital solutions” – and to “help each other in strengthening our positions in our respective geographic areas.”

It’s an international effort to boost remote collaboration in industries – from manufacturing to healthcare, from the automotive industry to education.

How is Brochesia's software used with cimo?

In industrial settings, lightness is all. By partnering with moziware, Brochesia can be used in work environments that need durable, portable hardware. It opens up new avenues of deployment for this AR software suite.

In this exciting new collaboration, Brochesia can “create and execute digital workflows to perform step-by-step planned operations and, most importantly, to facilitate remote collaboration. This allows a remote expert to guide an operator on the field thanks to the numerous AR features, without having to travel and therefore reducing costs and CO2 emissions.”

Those “planned operations” and “remote collaboration” include maintenance, technical assistance, remote quality auditing, and on-the-job training.

This is another key advantage of XR solutions in industrial settings – the ability to slash travel costs and carbon emissions. It’s sustainable as well as digitally transformative.

Where is the partnership being deployed?

This partnership is already getting a lot of attention from companies across the globe.

One customer case study shows just what cimo and Brochesia can offer. This is Base Protection, an Italian company that creates anti-fatigue work shoes.

Base Protection has started using Brochesia and cimo to share the operators’ point of view with other factories around the world. This means product control feedback and quality audits can be initiated with a simple voice command.

What does Brochesia have to say about the partnership?

Brochesia says it’s “excited to be partnering with moziware” and is looking forward to a bright future.

“Together,” the representative continues, “we believe we can make a difference in creating a new way of sustainable collaboration, which has been our main goal ever since we started developing our solutions.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with the moziware team, discussing strategies and opportunities. We believe this is just the beginning.”

The bigger picture

This new collaboration between cimo and Brochesia is one piece in a much bigger jigsaw. AR, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are transforming the way we do business – and cimo is there on the front line.

Our remote collaboration tools mean you can boost productivity while keeping your teams safe, connected, and empowered.

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