Why does the industrial AR device cimo need an boom arm?

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Every product you use and enjoy was made possible by thousands of small decisions. When designing something new and innovative, you have to realize the big picture with thousands of brushstrokes.

So when we were designing moziware cimo, our AR-enhanced wearable computer, we had to look for small, practical features that would realize our vision.

We wanted a device that was record-breakingly light. Why? So that workers could wear it with comfort and ease in rugged industrial settings.

This was made possible by one of cimo’s simplest yet most powerful features: its boom arm.

This feature allows you to fold up the device and put it in your pocket – something that its competitors can’t offer. When stowed away, it won’t affect the user’s way of walking or working.

But before we take a look at this innovative feature – why is lightness so important?

Why weight matters

Let’s say you work on a construction site. You need to be able to access documentation and to stay in touch with your colleagues offsite.

Historically, you would have relied on a large folder full of papers and an onsite telephone. These days, you might consult a tablet or smartphone.

The issue here is that these objects are cumbersome. You can’t continue working while finding the relevant document or making an important call. You have to down tools, interrupt your focus, and turn to another task.

This has consequences for overall productivity – especially in an emergency. How can you integrate these activities into your workflow without losing valuable time?

The answer might seem counterintuitive: it’s weight.

moziware cimo weighs 155 grams. That’s about the same as a loaf of bread.

A construction worker can wear it without feeling any physical pressure or distraction. It’s like wearing a hard hat – within minutes, you’ve forgotten it’s there.

Compare that to a smartphone or tablet. You can’t carry out a repair with a smartphone in one hand and a tool in the other. But with cimo, you have both hands free so you stay safe and productive.

We’ve used construction as an example. But this applies to a wide range of industries.

It would be quicker to say which industries aren’t served by cimo – but key industries include petrochemicals, the automotive industry, and medicine.

How the boom arm helps

Most XR headsets and smart glasses are bulky. You can’t fold them up and put them neatly away. With cimo, you can.

The adjustable boom arm allows you to fold away the device when it’s not in use. This is an industry first – other single-screen AR glasses on the market don’t have this feature.

It means that your cimo can be quickly integrated into your workflows – and it helps overcome the novelty factor.

The novelty factor is one barrier to XR adoption. Companies deploy new devices but never manage to make them part of the furniture. They’re always slightly alien, meaning that employee uptake is slow or inconsistent.

cimo’s portability, lightness, and size mean that it can be smoothly integrated into your day-to-day operations.

It’s the difference between going on a camping expedition with a fold-up tent on your back – and making the same journey carrying a fully-extended tent.

All this is possible because of a simple design feature. It’s an example of how dedicated we are to finding innovative solutions to age-old problems.

Lightness and strength

It might seem counterintuitive, but lightness doesn’t have to mean weakness. Just think of naturally occurring objects like bird feathers or porcupine quills – they’re both extremely light and extremely durable.

moziware cimo has a purpose. It’s a device that’s specifically targeted at industrial settings. And industrial settings are full of hazards.

We knew when designing cimo that it couldn’t be flimsy or break on impact. It had to be as tough as it was light.

We’re proud to say that this is something we achieved. The device is pocket-sized but far from delicate. It’s been drop-tested from a height of 1.5 meters and can withstand dust and moisture.

That means your frontline staff can enjoy all the advantages of cimo without having to worry about the inevitable hustle and bustle of their working environment.

Light and ruggedized – it’s a device that takes pride of place in the ever-expanding ecosystem of XR industrial solutions.


cimo’s boom arm is built to be used in a range of industrial settings – some of which require additional headgear. 

Because of this, cimo can be worn comfortably even if the user is also wearing a helmet, bump cap, or nurse’s cap. It can also be held in place by a workband. 

Once the device has been put on, the arm can be angled to ensure the user has full visibility of the screen.

How the boom arm has been received

Despite its relative newness, moziware cimo has already received positive feedback from a number of clients.

There’s a gap in the market for AR smart glasses that are portable and pocket-sized – and we’re happy to fill it. Customers from a range of industries have purchased cimo precisely because of its easy folding design.

To this end, we’ve also designed an impact-resistant toolkit where you can stow the cimo, along with any other equipment you might need on the job.

How can moziware cimo benefit your company?

The boom arm is just one of cimo’s features. It also has two HDR cameras, industrial noise cancellation, a laser pointer, and fingerprint scanning.

All of these features exist to realize a common purpose. We want to make data capture and remote collaboration an everyday occurrence in industrial settings. And we want to empower deskless workers with powerful, user-friendly tools.

We’ve achieved this with no compromise to safety. cimo is 100% hands-free. No matter how hazardous the working environment, workers can stay safe and focused. Problems can be dealt with safely, quickly, and effectively.

It’s a pocket rocket – small but powerful. It keeps your teams connected with remote experts and allows them to troubleshoot with state-of-the-art remote collaboration tools.

Whatever stage you’re at on your journey of digital transformation, cimo can play its part. And it’s built for integration. Need it to work with existing enterprise systems, apps, or IoT devices? No problem.

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